The best smart lights in 2024

You can add the best smart lights to your home for an extensive level of control and customization over its aesthetic. Connecting these lights to your smart home lets you use your phone or voice commands to instantly transform the atmosphere of any space. For example, you can use outdoor lights to illuminate your property or change a smart bulb’s color to set the mood.

Installing smart lights is one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades any home can make. You can turn your smart lights on or off remotely, schedule what hours they should operate on, and even have them turn off automatically if motion isn’t detected in a room. Beyond their convenience, smart lights can save you some serious cash despite the rise in energy prices. Their LEDs are cheaper to run over time (compared to power-hungry halogen and incandescent bulbs) and you can check their status to turn them off from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Smart lighting comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors which means there’s a lot you’ll need to consider before you buy. For instance, what type of smart light would be best suited for your particular home? Do you want smart lights that connect locally via Bluetooth or would you rather have them connected to a smart home hub? We’ve tried out and tested a wide selection of smart lights and bulbs to help you find the best options for your smart home.

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